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So, I have been best friends with this girl for over 5 years. We have always been tight, helped each other back and forth (me more than her). I have filled her fridge, watched her kids, turned down her husbands advances, given her cash, have been her confidante. Apparently being a loyal friend will get you no where. I have known of her whore-ish ways since we were “friends”. She has cheated on her husband multiple times. At the bar, with her guy friends, even tried fucking the schwans guy. Pathetic, but I was her friend. Well, me and my whoreable BD hit a rough patch, we usually do. I tried calling her to bitch about the situation but she never picked up her phone, for like a week. I was blind to everything until my BD apologetically told me that him and her had sex and that they are now in a relationship. This woman knows everything this man has ever done to me, good and bad. || Then she turns around, screws him, tells whoever will listen that I am a prostitute (LMFAO), insults me to my children’s father saying I am a pos and didn’t know what I had, and insulted the fact that I have four children instead of just two like her. LIKE WTF?! I let him see the kids but he has been paying her bills, fixing her truck, and watching her kids while we sit here supported by me as usual. He then tried kissing on me during a visit to the park. EW. I told him and her that I was angry and hurt at first but that now I see that they deserve each other. I also sent her a picture of him trying to get on this (my kids have great timing with the camera phone). They are both disgusting people and the picture suits them both great. He is still not supporting us yet begging to have us back, saying she means nothing. He made is bed, and she lost a great friend. I have a great new job and my babies. I couldn’t be happier.

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By Ronald

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