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It all started in April 2012 when this home wrecker or no tooth as I call her started sleeping with my husband. He was taking off to spend the day with her and ditching me and our at the time 1 year old. This bitch got to the point where she was calling my house at all hours of the night. It got to the point I had to call the cops. Everything finally stopped. Fast forward to August 2014, somehow the 2 got back in touch. || The husband was doing a paper route and was taking no tooth with him and screwing wherever they could including in an retirement home under the stairs. They continued fooling around without my knowing until October when they started working a haunted house together and I caught them. I washed my hands of the whole situation at that point. November comes and I started getting messages on Facebook stating she’s sorry and she feels horrible about being a homewrecker and so on. I went and talked to get her side of the story all the while he was crying and worried I was going to leave which I should have. || The 2 stopped talking till the middle of December. He started skipping working to spend time with her and everything to the point of almost losing his job. I kicked him out at this point. While staying at his mother’s he was sneaking her into the house and sneaking out with her since she was such an embarrassment. After about 2 months he started coming back around and I was dumb for letting him. Thinking maybe he had changed I decided to give it another shot. I still had my suspicions. Now it’s may and I went through his phone and found some of the most disgusting pictures and videos. Even pictures of her with everything hanging out on the motorcycle I had just bought him. || He is out of my life for good now and she can have him with the other hoes in his phone. Watch out cause this one is a real winner. Almost 30 years old, no job, lives with her parents, and even pushes her kids off for men.

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By Ronald

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