Racefab Cycle & Machine Review


The motorcycle was brought into his shop after a claim was called in to my insurance company. The insurance adjuster found $3578.06 worth of damage to the motorcycle. | The $3578.06 in the form of a check from the insurance company to Patrick Bifulco was signed over and given to Brian Estevez owner of race fab motorcycles, to do the repairs, and purchase the parts needed. | After two months of being in the shop at race fab. Motorcycle was brought to a friends home, the next morning it was to be brought to Alligator Alley, Harley Davison do you have some warranty work done to it. At that time the about of work that was not done was noticed. | Motorcycle not being safe to operate was left at Alligator Alley, Harley Davison to have the things done to it to make it safe. It has been there for two weeks. | I am in possession of all of the paperwork from your insurance company for the claim. When I get the bill from the dealership that is repairing the motorcycle I will take it to race fab and if he refuses to pay it I will have to take him to small claims court something that I Believe it’s going to happen, Since he’s denying that he’s done anything wrong.


  • Name: Racefab Cycle & Machine
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Fort Lauderdale
  • Address: 541 NE 32nd St
  • Phone: 954-716-6548
  • Website: www.racefabandmachine.com/

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