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RAC violates the Fair Debt Act by using DAILY phone calls starting from being just 2 days late with payment. Yes I get they want their money, that is not the issue. But never in my life have I heard of a company calling a customer daily about payment unless they were more than 30 days past due. They leave messages like “We need you to return (insert item bought) due to non payment.”” DAILY!!!! Then after 3 days they tell you that your account is closed and you need to return the item to the store. Yet if you go on line you can still make your payment! So how is that account closed??? Not to mention the calls stop. So obviously they do not want their merchandise back all that bad. And the referral??? A joke!! I am a returning customer and my ex-boyfriend has purchased items there recently. An since we have remained friends and I listed him as a reference. What do they do??? Give him a week free for refering me!!!! He did NOT do this

I came in on my own so why the hell did they do this????? Where is my free week???? All I know is I will NEVER buy from them again

if I need to I will go to the competetor or figure out another way to get what I need. I am done with their poor customer service skills.”

710 E ARROW HWY POMONA, California United States of America


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By Ronald

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