RAC Acceptance Nixa Missouri Review


Signed a contract rent-to-own in mid Sep 2013, RAC required “down payment”” toward merchandise. later was told this was “”rent and tax”” not applied to purchase. Made another payment Oct 2013

majority being “”rent and tax””. Still havent received merchandise. RAC should not be able to charge “”rent and tax”” against merchandise I do not have the use and enjoyment of. Also found out I was not provided a complete copy of contract and documents reviewed

both signed or unsigned. RAC has not responded to my demands for copies of file content nor demand for refund of rent they should not be able to collect. Rent is for something you can use

not free money to the company while they hold on to the product. They finally called me on 10/24 saying “”most”” of the merchandise is available and scheduled delivery. In reviewing what little paperwork I was given copies of

I question whether they are in compliance with MO law governing rent-to-own establishements. Filed a complaint w/ Attorney General. We’ll see what happens. I just want rent and tax refunded for the period I was unabel to use and enjoy the merchandise to no fault of my own.”

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By Ronald

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