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Under NO circumstances should anyone EVER retain R (Robert) Hunter Manson III for ANY legal services. In his capacity as executor of my mother’s estate, he mismanged it at every step with profligate, wasteful spending of estate assets, thereby reducing our inheritance by over 1 million dollars ($1,096,000). When I expressed concern about his glacial pace selling real & personal property, which was costing the estate thousands of dollars in bank fees, insurance, taxes & utilities, he leaned back in his chair, threw his arms wide & exclaimed, “Don’t worry! | There’s plenty of money to spend!” Second, he refused to accept my repeated warnings (blared on national media) that the RE market was on the verge of imploding & procrastinated listing the house for 1-1/2 years, until its value diminished by half. Only after the RE season ended in Oct 2007 (with biggest 1-month drop since Great Depression) did he finally list it as “Handyman’s Special, as is”—and for $450,000 LESS than written estimates of his chosen appraiser, 2 realtors & architect. (Displeased by the bank-accredited appraiser’s estimate, he hid it & hired an uncredited, out-of-town appraiser with a lower estimate). | Third, because, in his monstrous hubris, he fatuously ignored the cataclysmic shift to buyer’s market for 21 months, he repeatedly refused to spend estate assets for necessary repairs that realtors & I foresaw & he ignored: roof repair, dig septic trench, fill in window frame wood rot, etc., all things that would have increased the asking price & that the buyer eventually demanded. | Fourth, he engaged in unethical, cruel actions to this bereaved beneficiary: 1) In a blatant attempt at intimidation & in collusion with his attorney, Jane Wrightson, he gave my sister a date to retrieve her requested heirlooms prior to his scheduled estate sale, but intentionally did not to me. (They claimed they sent a letter to my lawyer, which was never received & she couldn’t prove.) Instead, he put my items in a storage facility, which billed me for packing, trucking & 2 months storage. | When I objected I hadn’t entered into a contract with them, Manson had no authority to spend my money & threatened him with fraud, he paid the bill with estate assets, then later in First Accounting subtracted the amount from my inheritance. 2) Without provocation, he threatened to call the sheriff to forcibly remove me from the premises. When I laughed that he couldn’t throw me out of my mother’s home, he barked, “I’m executor! It’s MY house now!” | His arm darted out, grabbed me, shook me hard & he dragged me to the door. Only when I yelled, “Take your hands off me!”, wrenched away, ran to the phone & dialed 911 did he stop. 3) Without notice, he changed the locks when he knew I was out, thereby locking my clothes, bank cards, cash, checkbook & food (from 3 months caring for my mother) inside. | He refused to let me retrieve them for days, forcing me to sleep in my car. 4) Every lawyer in 3 counties refused representation (including Valerie & Mike Mayo, who later repped my sister) because they won’t oppose a local one. Eventually, I found Jan C. Smith. But, unbeknownst to me, he never registered with the court & when I requested he non-suit my complaint he did not—but didn’t tell me. | Consequently, the judge found me in contempt for no-show & I couldn’t non-suit. I later learned that Mike Mayo, Westmoreland Co. Commissioner of Accounts had twice rejected Smith’s Accounting of his mother-in-law’s estate & Smith conspired with the Mayos, Manson & Wrightson so Mayo would approve them. (Corroborated by Accounting dates & Mayo’s approval stamp in Westmoreland Co. courthouse) Manson’s verbal threats, battery, attempted intimidation, conspiracy & fraud are felonies. | Needlessly prolonging estate administration & grossly wasting estate assets had the dual effect of increasing his billable hours while feeding his delusions of grandeur. He paid himself $250,00. He defrauded me of $176, 745.


  • Name: R. Hunter Manson
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Alexandria
  • Address: 277 S. Pickett St. Apt 102
  • Phone: 804-453-3307
  • Website:

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