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I was offered over the phone to pay over $20 per lead for exclusive health insurance leads. Before I purchased the leads I asked the person on the phone from QuoteWizard if the leads were really exclusive, meaning do they not give the lead to anyone else. I was told that yes that was the case, that I would be the only person receiving the leads. | I preceded to fund $200 into my leads account. I received the leads and began calling them. Most of the leads didn’t answer the phone after repeated phone calls. I did get a hold of 4 of the leads, and one lead yelled at me and told me to never call him again, and the other three leads told me that they had been called by many other agents responding to their online inquiry. I asked each of them how many health insurance forms they filled out online and they all told me just one. | This tells me that the leads I got were not at all exclusive, and that the cost of the lead should have been for shared leads, not exclusive leads. I then called and spoke to someone at QuoteWizard about my experience with the leads and that they are not exclusive leads even though I was told they were. The person on the phone was rude and not helpful, and told me that the exclusive leads are given to other agents. I told him that means they don’t count as exclusive leads, and he just said that’s how they do the leads. | This company is completely dishonest and fraudulent and I would recommend that no one ever buy from them. They are charging high prices for exclusive leads and telling people they really are exclusive to only to them to get people to buy them. Then when they are confronted with the fact that the leads aren’t exclusive, they then admit that they really aren’t. What terrible and fraudulent business practices.


  • Name: QuoteWizard.com LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Seattle
  • Address: 157 Yesler Way, STE 400
  • Phone: 855-478-1741
  • Website: quotewizard.com/

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