Quiznos Sub Franchise Would perfer not to say. They seek revenge. Tennessee


Complaint: My wife and I purchased a Quiznos Franchise several years ago and it has been the most dreadful experience in our lives. Corporate has a business model that sucks. Their greed is first and foremost. They are as changeable as the wind. They refuse to fix what is broken in this franchise and they do not care one bit for the franchisors. It is all about lining their pockets and to hell with the little guy. They complicate what could be a good reliable system. They corrupt everything they touch. You might say they take the food out of our childrens’ mouths. When you own a Quiznos, you do not get to take a pay. Instead you have the joy of putting in your life savings, 401K’s, and every other cent you can get your hands on because they suck every penney out of you. You and your spouse will have to get another job to help pay the bills plus work at your Quiznos until you are ready to drop. You see, they place stores so close to each other that no one can make any money. Actually, it is very hard to break even. Can you say Encroachment? The Shadens and Schaefer are greedy, lying, thieving, deceptive, steeling good for nothings who deserve imprisonment. This company is like a bad! bad! bad! nightmare. Stay away from them. They will clean your clock. John Would perfer not to say. They seek revenge., TennesseeU.S.A.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 1475 Lawrence Street Denver, Colorado U.S.A.


Phone: 866-4TOASTED

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By Ronald

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