Quil Ceda Creek Casino Marysville Washington Review


Quli Ceda Creek Casino in the past has been a fun place to go to play slots, with at least moderate payback to let you play for awhile. For the past two years though, these same slots are very, very tight and give you almost zero payback. I have lost many thousands of dollars to this casino playing their slots. You used to be able to go in there and play for a couple hours or more on $50 and at times, actually won money. Now you go in there, and you will spend $200 in a matter of 15 minutes, and you definitely will not win anything. It is completely rediculous! Their slogan is “where winners play””! That is a huge lie! Do not waste your time

or your money playing there! If you want to have something to show for your money

don’t play there. They are a ripoff

and you deserve more for your money! I realize that they are a casino

but the bait and switch tactics they use are so dishonest! I will never play there again! nMarcnMarysville

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