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Complaint: I paid $15 for a car wash and an additional $4 for a wheel detail on the way to my mothers house in Frisco. Being that this place is a glorified drive through car wash (you don’t get out of your car), I didn’t notice that the wheels and car was still dirty until I got to my mothers. When I realized that the car wash was of poor quality I called them and requested a refund. I could not return to their car wash as we were on our way to a funeral in Longview. They told me that they could not authorize a refund and that I would need to talk to Barry, the owner. I said fine and they took my name and number. He never called and I have called 3 times and can never get him on the phone. In Longview I stopped at a do it yourself carwash place to finish cleaning the car and wheels. I always start the wash off by spraying the car down with plain water to loosen any debris. I noticed that my car had a ton of soap on it! Their machines were not properly rinsing. I called them and they said that they were having training issues and apologized. Soap is terrible for the finish of your car when left on. This place is not being managed – in my opinion they could do serious damage to your paintjob. Philip Dallas, Texas

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Address: 3300 Preston Road Frisco, Tx 75034 Frisco, Texas U.S.A.


Phone: 214-387-9274

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