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I was lured in by the advertisement to see if I could qualify for a weight loss study. Of course I qualified and then I was offered the trial offer of a colon cleanser and the tea. You had to order them in seperate orders. My gut told me when the screen came up that they were setting me up for some sort of recurring order that I might have a problem. Thinking I would have the option to cancel before I was billed $79.95, I hit the submit button. But, then I got nervous and looked up the company to see if I could and cancerl order. Of course I couldn’t find any live numbers. then I found this site and others who have been burned. I immediately called my credit card company and disputed the charge. they told me I couldn’t dispute until actually posted so to be on the safe side I cancelled my credit card. What a scam! I hope I have dodged the financial bullet but I’m not betting on it.

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