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I called their 888 phone number and scheduled an appointment to unlock my house. The tech arrived within 30 mins. Their website (quicklocksmith247.com) says $19 service fee + $35 to unlock house.Dispatcher doesn’t give me a price, so I go off of the website.Locksmith shows up, unlocks door, gives me invoice–$20 service fee (higher than advertised on website)$50 labor (also higher than website, but that’s fine too.)$145 EMERGENCY FEE=$215 to unlock a twist lock on a door knob. I call to dispute the emergency fee only, as i was not informed of it.They hang up on me, i finally get someone and he says a manager will call me right back. Two hours later I call back again, get a manager, “Reba”” that tells me she must listen to the recorded call to verify my complaint and will call me back.Next day

I call the number on my invoice and get a man that says he’s a manager

passes me to the technician that verifies he didn’t tell me the price and the “”manager”” tells the technician that he must be mistaken. I ask to the technician to please let me speak to the “”manager”” again

who says in the back ground “”I have nothing to do with this

you deal with her””. Mind you

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By Ronald

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