Quick Scalp Trader Review: A Dangerous Robot

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Quick Scalp Trader promises a unique approach when it comes to online trading. The platform is under the LeapFX brand, which is owned by Cory Henig. LeapFX claims they are the best-automated trading experts. With this being in question, we have reviewed hundreds of their products. All are promising, but they seem to have some issues with strategy and expected ROI. The vendor is always off when it comes to actual profit expectations. Read this genuine QUICK SCALPER TRADER Review for more.

Quick Scalp Trader Review

About Quick Scalp Trader

The only way to get this platform is by using LeapFX’s main page. The platform is under the robot section. From what we can see, the vendor tries as much as possible to sell this robot as a game-changer. Not a lot to see from a platform that uses a store with other robots still on the shelf. No matter how you look at it, Quick Scalp Trader will not ever stand a chance with industry-backed tools. There are problems associated with the robot even before they get into the field.

And this is the reason why investors need to have expert-backed products. These products offer enough security for your funds and trading experience. Imagine having a trading tool that has been fully tested by experts and the trading community. It’s possible as these tools are the best forex trading robots the industry has to offer. Make sure to sign up with credible trading tools that have the backing of the entire forex community. Start trading the right way by signing up with leading trading tools.

As we dived deeper into the robot in question, a lot of questions popped up. The platform has been available for over six years and has no traction. It seems that the team behind this robot is trying desperately to sell it with any means possible. For all this to happen, they must first deliver on the promise of helping users make money. The accuracy of this robot is in question, as well as the reliability. Will the robot be stable enough and offer accurate signals consistently?

Account Sizes

QuickScalpTrader is claiming that the robot can work with all account sizes. The LeapFX page claims that this system is flexible and uses any account size. These are tactics to pull all classes of investors to sign up with the platform. The team wants newbies and experts to try out their platform. With its flexibility with account sizes, almost anyone with money can sign up and use it. The only problem is whether the investment is worth the risk. It is not possible to invest in this robot since the results are not that promising.

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Business owner

The owner of QuickScalpTrader is William Morrison, who is a software developer and trader. He claims to be a pioneer in the scalping system field and has helped revolutionize trading for years. After asking around, no one seems to know this man. We could not find his profiles on professional resumes or social media pages. All we have is a man with a faceless profile. And this screams anonymity, which is a risky feature to associate with. Any anonymous investment platform is not worth the risk according to experience.

Consumer rating for the product

After checking with most consumers, we see a low rating of 2.1. One user claims that the robot is hopeless and runs 2-1 losing trades. The platform is a burn out as it will blow your account in small bits. You will be making a small profit but incurring huge hits when it comes to losses. Others claim that the system won’t last for long due to a dangerous amount of martingale. We are yet to see any positive feedback from users of this platform. And this is why we insist on using proven robots that have a transparent track record.

Features of Quick Scalp Trader

The forex robot uses the scalping strategy and goes for $297 and $497, respectively. When it comes to the timeframe, the robot uses H1 and offers only two major currency pairs. Members get EURUSD and GBPUSD as their main trading pairs. It would have been ideal if the platform offered a variety of currency pairs. The problem with having just two pairs is no one can spread their risks. Users are only limited in placing trades under these two currency pairs. What about the Crypto pairs where digital currency trading is taking shape?

License and Registration of Quick Scalp Trader

Quick Scalp Trader is far from being a legit trading robot as it does not have a license to operate. Even the LeapFX team does not have any copies of license and registration from regulators. We are facing a robot that can easily shut down at any time. William can decide he has his fill and decides to shut down all accounts. Those that have already invested with the platform are not likely to receive money-back. And this is the biggest problem when trading with unregulated parties.

Before anyone signs up and deposits with some of these platforms, ensure you read the terms and conditions. It’s clear that the liability falls on members and protects the developer. Even if the robot has a problem, no one will be compensated. And this is a problem as developers need to be held accountable for their trading robots. Each developer needs to produce programs that are safe to use. Any use of a robot that does not provide the safety of funds to users is a huge risk. Be safe with regulated online trading entities and products.

Obstacles and opportunities with Quick Scalp Trader

Available plans/subscriptions

Quick Scalp Trader Available Price

Quick Scalp Trader is furnishing users with two plans, one year, and a lifetime license. For the one year license, members must deposit $297. The lifetime license goes for $497, and they all come with software updates. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee feature that is not fully covered. Some of the features with these two plans are the same such as downloads and settings. The only difference is that one is for a year, and the other goes for a lifetime. We do have a problem with the lack of any enticing features with the lifetime plan.

Contact and support

One would think that William Morrison or his team would be available for comment. With the platform being sold at LeapFX, there is no live chat or message button. Users have to contact the LeapFX team, which connects you to William. And this is where we believe the platform is only out to get investors to buy the license. There is no client-platform relationship that helps foster good communication. If you have a problem with the setup, you are on your own. No help is coming unless LeapFX contacts William as fast as possible.

Performance and trading results of Quick Scalp Trader

Quick Scalp Trader Performance and Trading Results

We commend the platform for having a myfxbook page, which helps show their progress. The myfxbook profile also shows the last update of the robot. We can see that the last update was in February 2019. William is not keen to show how the platform has behaved for the better part of the last two years. And this means the platform lacks transparency. Even though they have a myfxbook profile, it’s not enough to convince us. Even though the results on myfxbook are impressive, they show only a small sample size.

Scam or Legit Quick Scalp Trader

Quick Scalp Trader is a promising robot that fails in its execution. The vendor is not available when needed, even though they do provide trading results. These results are over a year old, and we don’t know when the next update will be. William and his team ought to do a better job when it comes to providing transparent services.

We want to keep a close eye on this robot. It provides a quick glimpse of how it works with impressive trading results. The sample size could be from only profitable trades. That’s why we want full transparency from the platform; they should provide a larger sample.

Become the next successful trader and use formidable trading robots. These robots offer a far much better chance of winning. The robots will ensure your trading experience is safe at all times. Sign up with industry-leading robots at all times for a chance to make passive income.

We wish all our readers a lucrative and safe trading experience.

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