Quaya Nichole Featherstone Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: Quaya Nichole Fidel has not paid one cent for her child who is 10 since she was 5. This woman is on you tube and Facebook promoting songs to the fact she loves her child. She is Las Vegas prostitute and stripper and attempting to make money off rap songs that state she loves her child. The Nevada family court system took custody rights away from her October 23, 2011. She was ordered to pay child support of 18% of her monthly income. She has failed to do this. Her child has an illness due to her drug abuse (crack) and requires medical care monthly. This dead beat mom is hiding from child support yet making music and stripping with photos all over the net. Please if you know this woman contact [email protected] so we can report her where-a bouts to the child support division. This is her on You Tube:www.youtube.com/user/WitchofthewestWicked This is her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WICKED007

Tags: Dead Beat Moms

Address: Las Vegas Strip Clubs Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America

Website: www.facebook.com/messages/WICKED007


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