Quality Inn Niceville FL Lake Mary Florida Review


Disgusting hotel. The place is very run down. The rooms smell of strong bleach. The furniture and accessories are broken, damaged or missing. I had booked 10 days here. Little did I know the hotel was not pleasant enough to stay one day. The hotel did have a pool and I was given a room (after the first room had a broken toilet with a leak all over the bathroom floor) right outside the pool. The day I checked in there were two guys swimming in the pool. The following day I got my notebooks together and a towel and went to go into the pool area to sit in a chair, not to swim. I just needed to get out of the dark depressing room. I was unable to get the gate unlocked and asked for help. I was told the pool “was not open.”” I went to the front desk and asked again and told the representative that there were people in the pool swimming the day before. This representative called her supervisor and immediately apologized to her for calling on her day off (as if it was my fault) and asked about the pool. She again said

“”it’s closed until March 1.”” A couple days after this

I came back from an errand and ANOTHER group of people was in the pool. I tried asking the group if the pool was open-they refused to answer. I went inside again and asked the front desk. The woman said

“”Oh we opened it today.”” (It was not March 1. It was still February). I tried asking why nobody bothered to tell me but the representative was ignoring me and waiting on someone else. I was so upset that I drove my car around to the back of the hotel and sat. Within a few moments a male employee came back there and was staring at me and then left. The same female employee did the same thing to me. They were apparently trying to intimidate me. Aside from the pool and the horrible rooms

the hotel washing machine did not work. I found this out after dragging my heavy laundry bag and putting my money in the machine. I went in to the office and asked about the washer and the same representative stated

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By Ronald

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