Saw Tom Hanks is part of this whole CBD Hemp Oil craze and how can you go wrong, right? So I clicked past his participation in the research and went to order the $5.99 bottle. That’s all they advertise. Two days later, I checked my statement and there was a $79 charge IN ADDITION TO THE $5.99 bottle. I called, and they said they could cancel the $79 charge and they gave me 2 weeks to see if it worked, and if it did, they would put me on a plan that was heavily discounted. If, however, i called by 11/22, i could cancel everything with no repurcussions, or additional charges. I called today. I was informed I am breaking a contract and the best they can do is charge me the $40 cancellation fee. I lost my mind, and then they said, okay, we can cancel you for $28 and you won’t get any other charges. I let them do that, as much as I didn’t want to, because i was very upset that it could be more. This company is a rip off. The CS people are sneaky and snarkey and they are trained to rip.you.off. if anyone is suing, let me know.

California United States

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CBD Hemp Oil

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By Ronald

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