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Complaint: This company Puppyspot/Purebred Breeers is just another Internet puppy mill. Any breeder/good or bad can post cute photos on their site and put descriptions, age and any other info they like. There may be excellent breeders and/or terrible breeders on this site. They charge very high prices for the puppies. They sell any and every breed of dog you can think of including rare mixes. Anyway, I purchased a Yorkie from them a few years ago. This little puppy was very cute, but he was a biter and a barker. I understand the breed and so I did not complain about these breed spicific qua;ities. For years I loved this little puppy. Finally after a year or two he bit the mailman and drew blood. After this I called Purebred breeders/Puppy spot and told them about the problems. At this point I had paid well over $4000 for training, the puppy and Vet bills. They could care less. I finally read about the owner being involved in a class action lawsuit and read everyting about this company. So, after awhile I decided to sell my little Yorkie. He was out of control. I found a good home for him with a larger dog, teenage children and adults. I kept in touch with this family. So, finally after this little Yorkie bit another person animal control took him. He was taken to a facitlty and put to sleep. He was only 2/1/2 years old at the time. If you purchase a Christmas puppy from this place you are contributing to this horrible practice of buying from an Internet puppy mill. These people do not see or hold these puppies. They just collect tons of money. I have a beautiful puppy now that I bought from a local breeder for $800. She waited until the puppy was 5 months old before I got him. He came neutered/chipped and with no health issues. Please don’t support this abuse. STAY AWAY FROM PUPPYSPOT.

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Address: Cooper City Florida other, Florida United States

Website: www.puppyspot.com/

Phone: 8663066464

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