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On 7/1/16 bought a puppy from them first of all puppie was shown online for $225.00 for theit 4th of July special but we ended up paying $250.00 for the dog. The total came up for $288.69. Next we found out that puppie was bought by them from an Amish man named Daniel Keim, from Fredricksburg, Ohio. This person breeds puppies then sells them to Puppies unlimited for a very small amount usually around 20-50.00 or sometimes free. Puppies unlimited (Brad) said he was seen by a vet and given shots, wormed and checked by a vet. But for this kind of a markup?.. Then puppies Unlimited turns around and charges 249.00 or more for these puppy mill dogs our puppie was very nervous and was shaking when we first checked him out. So we brought him home and noticed he was very timid and he definitely had signs of a puppy mill dog. So basically I noticed my bank account was double charged by Pppies Unlimited then called them on 7/6/2016. | Not only was the man who answered the phone absolutely pompous and rude but he tried to tell me that it was a ghost charge for the double payment Ned it would drop off My bank account. When spoke to my bank they said account had been double charged and was taken off my balance. The men I spoke with at puppies unlimited were very rude and not at all pleasant to work with.Supposedly puppies unlimited are going to take xtra charge off. I’m still waiting 5 days later and nothing has happened yet. I would never buy a dog from these people again and Buyers beware of these puppy mill dogs.


  • Name: Puppies Unlimited
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Wooster
  • Address: 5200 Cleveland Rd
  • Phone: 3302640505
  • Website: www.puppiesunlimited.net/

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By Ronald

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