Puff & Play Wichita Kansas Review


Shane Holder / Puff & Play is located at****. She wanted me to loan her $5000.00 for 8 slot machines. She also then wanted to exchange out $1000.00 in $20’s and breack it down into $10’s and $5’s. I was at the bank and said I would do that. When I handed her the money. She said she did not have it right then and she would pay me the next week. She did not do that. She said she had the money when she called me to have money exchanged. She lied and now it is stealing for she did not give me the cash at the time or the next several months. She said the 8 slot machines was delivered to her house. Now she states that it never was delivered to her house. I have the conversation on tape recording. I have two other witness that has herd her conversation with me. I was told that she gave the $6000.00 to John Lee, owner of the building that is or was Mikes Stake House at ****. John Lee might have a 2nd addr. of the building ****. I do not know what John Lee’s involvment is on this. John Lee owns the building and has several restruants in Wichita Kansas. I have made two police reports on her. She is a person not to be trusted. She says one thing and does something else. I also know of 3 other business people that she has had a bad business deal with. I have her signiture on paper stateing that Shane Holder / Puff & Play owes me $6000.00.

2912 E. Mt. Vernon Wichita, Kansas USA



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