Publishers Clearing House- IMPOSTOR Review


I got a phone call from what they claimed to be "Publishers Clearing House" asking if I had signed up recently. I said yes since I had quite some time ago. They said congratulation you’ve won *** Million dollars can we deliver it to you? I wanted to keep them on the line and learn more so I played along and told them I had moved to LA recently. They hung up. Maybe five minutes later I got a call from the same man telling me his name was Donald Franklin and he was the manager of Publishers Clearing House. They then led me down to my car to beep the horn two times in order to verify security for a recording that they were making for "security purposes". I told them, this is a scam and you are doing a terrible job of convincing me otherwise. Donald replied by saying no we are just taking all the necessary steps to make you a happy man and this is when I requested to speak with his boss. I was transferred to, the transfer being him muting the phone until he found someone for me to talk to, a man claiming to be the CEO of Publishers Clearing House named James Kingston. Once he told me this and I asked two more times if he was claiming to be the CEO of Publishers Clearing House I had to break the bad news that the Ceo of Publishers Clearing House is, in fact, Andrew Goldberg. This is the moment that he decided to hang up finally.

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By Ronald

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