• False post by Doris Campagna. Theresa did not post here. Theresa was never charged with criminal
    harassment. Theresa is very happy with what she has she just wish that
    Doris Campagna and Richard Lauersdorf would leave her alone and stop all
    these false post.

    • Theresa Carpenter is a pathological liar. We stood in the courtroom and laughed as Theresa cried when the LMPD charged THERESA LYNN FOWLER-CARPENTER with Criminal harassment for stalking Doris and Richard. She cried so hard she had heavy black eyeliner flowing down her face.
      The court gave Doris an EPO against Theresa because Theresa would not stop stalking and harassing her,, and because of Theresa’s history of being in mental hospitals.
      See the PROOF here:

    • Why do you post a photo from 1970, puta fea?
      It looks like you cut your hair with a lawn mower and it’s mostly gray in the back and brown in the front.
      Your teeth are dirty and stained brown, like a heavy smoker. Your false teeth look better.
      For a little midget, your hands are big and ugly, like a man’s hands. Your knuckles are so big and gnarly it looks like the arthritis was already starting.
      Your eyes are set so deep in your head, as always, they look like black holes in your face.
      Wow, so many problems. No hearing, no tears, migraines, arthritis in hands and spine, crazy, ugly, midget. I’m surprised you don’t hate God for fucking you up so bad.
      Were you living in a trailer?
      NOT a good photo to post on the internet, Puta fea.

      • Judge Anne Haynie, Cherry Henault Guarnier and Thomas Haile who had Theresa sign 2 papers ( yellow and white ) with her not knowing what she was signing. She did not find out until she left the court that she signed papers telling her to stay away from Doris Campagna. Doris Campagna had filed 2 false police reports against her stating she was stalking her. Neither report was true and the cases were dismissed. They had requested an Interpreter but one was never sent to court. That was how Theresa won a lot of money for no interpreter.

        • Theresa Carpenter, you signed the two papers because you had no choice. If you had refused to sign you would have gone to jail. Are you saying that you signed papers telling you to stay away from Doris without reading them first? Bull. Shyte. Your criminal defense attorney was there. He would not have let you sign something without him reading it first.
          The Interpreter was in court every time, interpreting for you. I was there, remember? I watched the interpreter interpret for you.
          Stop fucking lying, puta loca.

  • William Carpenter, Christopher Clark, Troy Rogalinski. What is wrong with Theresa Fowler Carpenter’s family that every man in her family beats their women and goes to jail for Domestic Violence?
    Is it a Mental Genetic Defect?
    Too much inbreeding?

    • Look at your brother James Grimes, He went to jail. Jamie Campagna and Donn Campagna, many of your family are the same way. Doris , you judge people terrible… some can not judge you but GOD CAN JUDGE YOU ON THE LAST DAY .

      • My brother was arrested because he forgot to pay a check. Charges have been expunged.
        Donn’s son’s are not my family. Twenty-five years ago they were my sons-in-law. Now they are no longer family because they have too many problems..
        I have a new family.
        YOUR family are criminals. YOU were arrested for Criminal Harassment. Your old man arrested for drunken driving and Domestic Violence. Your daughter has warrants in Florida for passing bad checks. Your son has MANY arrests for methamphetamine and breaking-and-entering and many other crimes.
        Stop your lying, puta fea.

        • They gave the police James address. That was how he went to jail. Police asked them if they wanted him to be in jail for terroristic threatening 3rd degree. James texted them ” I want to kill ” They told the police no just let him go, Police arrested him for bench warrant. They did not know that. Oops… Well James deserved that, Months later, they realized it was YOU. They should put you in jail instead of james

          • Wow, you need to put down the meth pipe. You don’t know WTF you are talking about. Poor, pitiful little puta loca.
            What is wrong with you? Why are you so ANGRY?
            Did all the meth dry up in your trashy little town? Are you going through withdrawals? Is your cellulitis killing you? Is your arthritis killing you? Did your old man beat you again? Is you son or daughter spending Xmas in jail?
            Do you have no money for Xmas presents?
            Are you still obsessed about OUR money? Are you freaking out about our big, beautiful house, our new $14,000 asphalt driveway, my brand-new, paid-for Nissan Murano?
            Get a life! Forget about us. You can NEVER have our life, or my man, lol.

        • God sees you are not perfect. They can not judge you. HE CAN! Good luck with their LORD

          This this website down because you post like very low IQ 70.

    • LOL , Richard told them that you live on computer and had more than 3 phones. You get excited when you see new post. Joey told them that you had cellulitis 7 yrs ago

      • Bullshit, bullshit, and bullshit.
        Wow, what has got you so ANGRY? I think the fugly man knocked out your teeth again.
        Xmas is very stressful for poor people like you losers.
        You are too stupid to know what cellulitis is, unless you have it yourself.
        Die soon, puta fea! Por favor.

  • Poor, pitiful cucaracha. So, so jealous of the woman you want to be. I see you are VERY ANGRY the last few days.
    What happened? Did your husband beat you again?
    Daughter arrested stealing Xmas presents?
    Son arrested for meth again?

    • No you are wrong, Theresa was not angry. She was not online. That was how she found more ugly comments from you doris campagna.

      • Bull shyte, you LIVE online.
        Your flabby ass stays glued to your chair all day, looking for info about the woman you want to be.

      • I LOVE myself. I am fantastic, and have a handsome man who worships me and a big, beautiful house and property.
        I hate YOU because you will not leave me alone.
        Do you think it is over after Meade County? It is not over.
        Retribution comes when we least expect it. 😉

        • you talk too much. Take this website down because Doris Campagna posts too many stupid things. What a trash woman she is. Good Luck in 2021. They are having fun with $

          • I talked to Cherry. She is in Homicide Dept. now. You did NOT sue. You did not get any money. You do not have money. You are POOR. Hope your house gets foreclosed.
            You are insanely jealous because we are so happy and so rich.

          • You have NO money, liar.
            You lie because you are insanely jealous that we are so rich.
            Poor, ugly, crippled, cellulitis midget.

      • Nope. I love myself. I love my wonderful life. I love my handsome man.
        Poor you.
        Your entire life has been in the toilet. No wonder you are so ANGRY.
        Merry Xmas, puta.

  • Joey hates you same as every one else. That’s why he will not respond to your crazy BS.
    Wow, you have cellulitis? LOL. You got it from the meth you smoke, fuktard.
    I hope you suffer and suffer, until your day of retribution.

  • Theresa and Bill Carpenters cannot leave the happy couple alone because they are so jealous and envious of all that the happy couple have.

    The Carpenters have nothing. The mortgage companies own their ugly little house, the finance company owns their ugly little car, the fugly man beats Theresa (good!), their son is a meth head criminal, the daughter has warrants in Florida for passing bad checks, the husband,, Bill has many DUIs and Domestic Violence charges, while Theresa was arrested for Criminal Harassment, lol.

    Poor, pitiful cucaracha, no wonder she is on here posting lies. She is consumed with jealousy because her life is so miserable.

  • Tell your old, drunk, fugly man to stop bothering Doris. She does NOT want him. She does not need a little limp needle dick. She needs a man who’s dick actually works.
    Yuck. He is disgusting.

  • Hey, puta fea. Listen!
    Ding dong … ding dong … ding dong … ding dong … ding dong.
    Did you hear that? Oops, I guess not.
    Merry Xmas.
    Enjoy you cellulitis.

  • Lol. I dIdn’t want her as a friend. I wanted her to look at your arrest report for Criminal Harassment and the EPO.
    Many, MANY people looked at your page. I sent everyone the links to these three pages, too. I bet they all were shocked by the disgusting things you wrote. Or maybe they were not shocked. Maybe you talk like a street puta everyday.
    I see by your messages your are VERY ANGRY. So glad I ruined your Xmas Eve. Thank you for making my Xmas Eve very happy.
    BTW, your brother DID talk to me. For a long time. I think he was drunk. He kept telling me how beautiful I am.

    • *****They did not post all. The group did. sorry*****
      No, it was all YOUR crazy, angry gibberish. Wow, Jesus’s birthday, and you are thinking and posting only of me. Must be love.
      *****Brothers dont drink because of sugar diabetes. Stupid doris. [email protected]@ you know nothing about her family*****
      If he was not drunk, then he was high on drugs. Diabetes? Wow, you family is so-o-o-o damaged.
      *****Sadly, you will not see your people you love again like Teresa Nolan and James Grimes, they will be gone to heaven.*****
      Happily, you will not see your loved ones again, except for the child abusers (your Daddy, Kary, Clifton) because you will be burning in hell.
      *****They remove this website because you post stupid comments*****
      Nope, all websites still here.
      *****GOD WON! not you , not them*****
      Really? What did the invisible sky daddy win? A deaf, retarded, old woman with crippling arthritis and cellulitis?
      A million deaths from his Covid-19?
      *****Bye PoooooofThey are leaving in another state again*****
      Have fun in Indiana. We will celebrate when the Covid-19 kills you.
      *****They took the website down. They remove this website because you post stupid comments. Bye P O O F*****
      Again, nope, all website still here, fuktard.
      *****GOD WON! not you.*****
      WE will win when god kills you with his Covid-19. 😉

  • Being bullied is miserable for those targeted. The consequences of bullying are significant and can have a lasting impact.

    Kids who are regularly targeted by bullies suffer both emotionally and socially. Not only do they find it hard to make friends, but they also struggle to maintain healthy friendships.

    Part of this struggle is directly related to low self-esteem. A lack of self-esteem is a direct result of the mean and hurtful things that other kids say about them. When kids are continually called “stupid” or “losers,” or “sluts” they begin to believe these things are true.

    Bullying victims also tend to experience a wide range of emotions. They may feel angry, bitter, helpless, frustrated, lonely, and isolated from their peers. Consequently, they may resort to drugs and alcohol to numb their pain. They may develop depression and even contemplate suicide.

    They develop what is known as “learned helplessness.” Learned helplessness means that the targets of bullying believe that they cannot do anything to change the situation. As a result, they stop trying. Then, the cycle down into depression becomes more severe. This leads to a feeling of hopelessness and the belief that there is no way out.

    As bullied kids grow into adults, they continue to struggle with low self-esteem, have difficulty developing and maintaining relationships, and avoid social interactions. They may have a hard time trusting people, which can impact their personal relationships and their work relationships.

    Aside from the bumps and bruises that occur during physical bullying, there are additional physical costs. For instance, bullied kids experience anxiety. This stress on their bodies also will result in a variety of health issues, including being sick more often and suffering from ulcers and other conditions caused by persistent anxiety.

    Bullied kids also may complain of stomachaches and headaches. And the bullying they experience may aggravate other pre-existing conditions like eczema. Skin conditions, stomach issues, and heart conditions that are aggravated by stress all worsen when a child is being bullied.


  • The little puta loca is back again. She misses the woman she wants to be.

    The happy couple WANT nothing from you. You HAVE nothing but lies.

    You are NOTHING! That’s why you won’t stop stalking the woman you want to be.

    The happy couple do not care about your problems with your wife-beater husband. They do NOT want to hear about his limp little worm.

    Btw, what happened to your imaginary boyfriend? Was his imaginary little worm also limp? How sad for you, lol.

    Unfortunately, the happy couple knows what you really look like. They saw you at the courthouse. REMEMBER?

    They were so SHOCKED when they saw you!
    Thank you for not posting photos of your REAL face and body.

    Please STOP mailing the nude photos. Remember what happened the last time you mailed letters?

    Do your best to enjoy 2021, my dear. Try to find a NEW imaginary boyfriend.

  • NEVER again insult her by naming her a Fowler.
    She is NOT an ignorant, inbred, poor, trash FOWLER.
    To call her a Fowler is the worst insult LIBEL.
    She can SUE you for Defamation of Character.

    • Yes, you should say you’re sorry. Yes, you should apologize.
      It is so very pitiful that you are too imbecilic to write your own post. It is so sad that you have to copy and paste someone else’s post.
      We know that you dream of being a Grimes, and NOT an ignorant, inbred, poor, trash Fowler.
      To call yourself a Grimes is the funniest thing you have ever said, even though we know that you were not joking.
      You don’t have to apologize again. We know you said it because you were so angry. We noticed that you have been very angry for the past few weeks. We understand that Xmas is a very depressing time for many people. Also, we have noticed that when the fugly man drinks too much, he gets violent with you.
      After he beats you, you then relieve some of your anger on people online, because that way you don’t have to worry about suffering MORE violence.
      It must be so frustrating to be so small and fragile that you cannot defend yourself.
      We know that you are very angry that our attorney did his investigation into your finances, so that we now know exactly what little you and the fugly man have.
      It happens so often with people who have never had any money that, when they get a little money, they get too excited and spend way beyond their means, especially with high-interest credit cards and second mortgages.
      By the time they realize they’re in serious financial trouble, they’re way too deep in debt to ever dig themselves out.
      We know that much of your anger is because the happy people have so much, and because they have no debt.
      While you were laughing at them when they lived in the little house in the trashy neighborhood, they were being smart and saving their money. Years of hard work and smart investing, (and some good Karma) and they were able to pay CASH for their dream house. CASH for two cars. CASH for new driveway. CASH for two new furnaces, CASH for two new central A/C units. Their retirement is like a wonderful dream.
      If your life is none of our business, why do you keep telling us you business? About the fugly man’s weinie that doesn’t work, the peephole, about how you let Kary abuse you and your children, about how your handsome (ROFLMAO) drug-dealer boyfriend, Cliff, told your son to lick your … Jeez, it’s so sick, I can’t even say it. So much more
      You posted, “Your nose is bigger.” Almost EVERYTHING I have is bigger than yours, because I am not a midget like you. However, I do believe that your nose is wider than mine, and we both know why. Almost everyone in your family has the fat, wide nose.
      Sorry, we don’t understand the rest of your gibberish. You have more than us? (More WHAT? More troubles? More debt? More anger? More Domestic Violence?)
      And more gibberish: “Hope when someone asks you your name you answer Terry s name is Terry Carpenter. Oops! You are really Doris Grimes Holt-CampagnaLauersdorf.”
      LOL. Wow, what are you smoking/drinking?
      Oh well. Hope it makes you feel better. Maybe it makes you not so angry.
      When you start posting the gibberish, I start getting bored. 🥱
      Good night, little woman. 😉

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