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Complaint: RE: REQUEST FOR MEDIA COVERAGE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE This complaint part media coverage request is made on the account of a case that was initiated a few years ago. Mr. Negede Nigatu, approached the owner of the local business Mr. Dave Skoke (Providian Medical Equipment LLC) having place of business 5335 Avion park Dr. Unit A highland heights, OH 44143 to purchase MRI machine for the underprivileged people in Ethiopia. Even though, the payments were made on time. Mr. Skoke deliberately misguided Mr. Nigatu by continuously falsifying the situation of the purchase. Even though, Mr. Nigatu tried to wait and provide ease for the owner to arrange the machine when possible. Mr. Skoke used this to his advantage and intently delayed the shipment of the product. After some time, Mr. Nigatu inquired about a better MRI machine on which Mr. Skoke demanded extra money and claimed that this machine will be delivered in a few weeksu2019 time. After a long wait, when Mr. Nigatu requested the update regarding the MRI machine, Mr. Skoke lied that he is waiting the manufacturing of the MRI shielding material by Dr Badani (Concept technology, 895 Dove Street ,3rd floor ,Newport Beach , CA 92660. This is when Mr. Nigatu met with Dr. Badani personally and to his astonishment, DR. Badani said that he was not approached by anyone nor was he paid to do the u2018Shieldingu2019 process of the said machine. This was the final blow to Mr. Nigatuu2019s patience and humility. Now Mr. Nigatu has send demand letter by the aid of a lawyer (Eden Fesshazion LLC) the total payments involved in the case is $114,440.00. This amount was supposed to buy the MRI machine by which thousands of underprivileged patients would have gotten serious medical aid. In order to provide all the proofs, a link will be attached from where the file of the case could be downloaded and the email record that was used to coordinate in the deal will also be accompanied with it. The file and the email conversation clearly present the lies of Mr. Skoke and the humility and helplessness of Mr. Nigatu. Further, details of Dr. Badani will also accompany the proofs enclosed. In this context, it becomes the civic duty of socially responsible people to expose what Mr. Skoke has done to Mr. Nigatu and perhaps other people as well. Ripoff as a leading social justices plat form l has been able to highlight such issues in the past and present. This letter is an endeavor in itself to get the social justice deserved by Mr. Nigatu and other people who might have been a prey of Mr. Skoke. Your kind response in this regard will be highly anticipated and respected. By your coverage of the matter many people can be saved from this inhumane scam and perhaps thousands of peopleu2019s lives can also be saved as this directly relates to the public health and social responsibility.

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