PROPOLENE Mary Esther Florida Review


I’m seeing locally inserted commericals for PROPOLENE this product claims it’s $29.95 but when you call they tell you it’s $89.95. This is nothing more then a mier vitiman and needs to be taken off the market for deceptive advertising. nI’m sick and tired of seeing all of these “so called”” weight loss products being advertised on the air. nHow does $30.00 turn to $90.00 in the first place? I did a search on the internet because I wanted to do some research. Came up with a site and it said “”30 day trial for $30.00..oops advertisers can’t round numbers off.. $29.95″” Hint the key word.. TRIAL

then they charge you total $89.95. at least they offer 2 day shipping! nAnyhow.. Please stop buying this crap people. Just a greedy society taking advantage of us who are dead broke. nRob nRobnMary Esther


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