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Complaint: This review is to warn any company who is thinking about hiring this deceiving MSSP. They are in business to help other companies monitor the logs of their security devices for any suspicious/malicious activity and then alerting them if anything is found that is deemed malicious. But here are the problems: They are LYING to potential customers about what security devices they can monitor. In order to get business they simply claim they can monitor almost any device you can imagine but the truth is only after the deal is signed do the Proficio staff get to work and try to onboard said devices. If you are on the engineering team you will find out very quickly that if these crazy wild promises arenu2019t being met you are the one to blame because you didnu2019t u201cmake it happenu201d. No word about the deceptive sales process and the people making the money with off of that. If the engineers do manage to onboard a certain unsupported device you will find out that me and the rest of the Content team has virtually no correlation rules & alerts for these devices to use with Proficiou2019s outdated SIEM solution so we try to create rules & alerts on the fly when Proficio had promised customers that we would be ready on day one and we have lots of previous experience with said security devices = ALL LIES !!! It has gotten so bad that word about this practice has traveled around within the small cyber security community so they are forced to offer more and more POC (Proof of Concept) deals where they are being put on the spot to onboard a new customer completely within 30 days or the customer gets their money back. The people who suffer from this the most are current employees like myself who are caught in the middle of this mess. It may be easy for others to say that bad reviews are just a smear campaign so I try to add some photos of conversations I had with my team members where I find out firsthand about these lying and deceiving practices.Those team members even included the Director of Global SIEM Development (!!) Tristan Reed who just ran for the hills as well . Since I wholeheartedly feel that customers are being ripped off by signing up for a service that never existed at the time of sale or a device never been supported for monitoring at all this company should be reported to the BBB. I already made people aware by sharing my experience on and I hope others will follow if this kind of business practice continues.

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Address: 1555 Faraday Avenue Carlsbad, CA United States


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