Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland, Inc. Review


My account was sent to them from Pro-Transport Century Ambulance Service with out even sending me any worning that they was going to do this. Well I made an agreement to pay 50. dollars a mouth until it was paid off I was sending it in as close to the due date as possible well this past month they sent me 2 bills I had already sent in the first one well before the due date I had talked to a lady and she said don’t worry about the second one it was a computer clitch so I did not worry about it put to the side. | Well today I got my bill and they are saying I did not pay last month and that they wanted the entire amount well they know I don’t have it then she wanted me give her my account number and routng number which I did not do I told her I don’t do that over the phone well she kept going on and on about it i was getting mad and hung up 3 times they would not let me talk to no one else about. | Something needs to be done about this company before they get some to empty their account out.


  • Name: Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Greenwood Village
  • Address: 5295 DTC Parkway
  • Phone: 1-800-270-9685
  • Website:

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