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This company would be so much better off if they made all of the hardware and see to it that it was not metric screw sizes. When you go to the website they don’t want you to call them and complain or make suggestions they don’t want to hear from you. Hey Siri don’t want to post their email or their phone number so the customer relations department which obviously does not exist could help their customers. | Whoever runs this company is extremely anal because I don’t have time to put 75 knobs on cabinet doors and drawers and have to unwrap each individual school and each individual handle. Whoever runs this company is extremely anal. | PROBRICO REVIEWS if they wanted to have happy customers they would have a phone number where you could call him and make suggestions or deal with issues because the screws on metric and some of them are standard but they don’t tell you that they don’t want you to know obviously. | So be very skeptical when you buy their products because it’s a pain in the a*s to ship them back.


  • Name: Probrico
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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