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This company is terrible. I ordered a product which I needed within 2 weeks for a wedding. The guy on the phone, Nick, assured me I’d have it by then. He said he’d send me an update on the order within 2 days. Four days later and nothing. I called ProAudioStar over 20 times with no one picking up. I emailed Nick 3 times with no response. | Finally, on the 9th day, someone picked up the phone. His name was Billy. He told me I would receive my order in about 3 weeks. I couldn’t even get Nick on the phone even though he was at the location. After fighting with Billy, having him come up with no ideas, I finally got him to agree to a full refund. Except he needs to reach the manufacturer before he can start the refund process. | When I asked him when I should hear back from him, he said, “Hopefully next week.” Seriously? Hopefully next week? These people are from New York, but their pace is more like Huck Finn floating down the Mississippi. You can buy from ProAudioStar if you don’t really need the item in the next couple months. Otherwise, forget it.


  • Name: ProAudioStar
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Address: 456 Johnson Ave Suite 424
  • Phone: 718-522-1071
  • Website:

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