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ProMotorSports worked on my truck for a year. When I got the car back the work looked so bad, I had a 3rd party look at the car. What they found was counterfeit products being passed off as the real thing. ProMotorSports sells their image as doing athletes cars, but after reading this review, I ask all of them who have gotten work done to get it double checked. | ProMotorSports over charges on most of the work done on my car as well. ( An example would be charging $6000.00 to install a stereo.) That would be fine if they did good work, but unfortunately they don’t. I have spent months learning more and more about the poor quality job they have done. This is not just a disgruntled customer. | I asked ProMotorSports for Alcantara Suede and they put in a knock off material, but charged full price. I asked them to put in a custom stereo and they botched the work so much that a worker evaluating got shocked. I asked them to put in custom leather interior and they gave Katskin seat covers and tried to pass them off as custom. I asked them for custom wood done throughout the car and not only did they not finish the job, but ProMotorSports tried to up charge me as the job continued. | I found all this out by accident. If ProMotorSports’ job wasn’t so poor, I would never have had it evaluated and found all of this out. If you have gotten work done by ProMotorSports, check your invoices, do research to see what other places charge for the same work. Get your car inspected by a 3rd party to make sure the materials used are the ones you paid for. | I highly encourage anyone thinking of using this company to think twice. I have all proof of this review, if anyone wants to contact me for more information. It is really unfortunate that shops like this exist. ProMotorSports does an excellent job of grabbing your trust, but the final product is extremely disappointing.


  • Name: Pro Motorsports
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • Address: 7343 E ADOBE DR #145
  • Phone: (480) 664-9550
  • Website:

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