Pro-Claim Public Adjusting Corp. – Sleazy Pro-Claim Agents

The sleazy insurance agents at Pro-Claim are out to get your claim money, not help you. Unfortunately, we had to make a claim on our house due to flooding. We had so much water damage, it ruined everything. We salvaged what we could but relied on Pro-Claim to take care of the rest.  Our agent told us that we were entitled to as much as $15,000. We had a lot of expensive and irreplaceable items that were drenched so we were happy to hear that. He said that we would receive the check in as little as one week. Being as we were forced to live in a hotel room until the damages were repaired, we were really relying on that check. A check came, but only for $5,000. The insurance agent kept the other $10,000. Furious, we called and called to sort out the situation and get what was rightfully ours, but we could not reach the agent that took it from us again. Pro-Claim lets frauds like this work for them! We only wish we had switched insurance before all this happened.

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