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Needed a textbook for a class. Had options to buy or rent, then I found that there was one company that claimed that it was selling the book – the same exact book – for a price that was just a little bit more – about $20.00 more – for the same book. I checked the publisher’s website and compared the description there to the one on the website. It was, word for word, the same. I checked for customer reviews and found a couple of complaint, one even saying that PayPal was going to take action to dissassociate with the company. But, that was a number of years ago. Seeing that the company still offered PayPal for transactions, it seemed to me that PayPal must have resolved the situation and using PayPal would provided a degree of protectiion. I paid $80.00. The book arrived – later than promised – and I found that it was missing three entire chapters and close to 200 pages. The table of contents had five chapters. The actual book has eight chapter. Hoping that it was just a reorganization of the book, I compared the information I had reviewed before making the purchase to the book. The book was missing chapters one, two and five. I noticed that the title of chapter three from the publishers data was the same as the first chapter in the text I received. When I turned to chapter one there was a large number three on the first page. So, it was obvious that the book was incomplete; it was not just a formatting issue. I sent an email – no telephone number available – demanding that the company send its shipping company to pick it up. No response. I contacted PayPal, filed a dispute. The dispute was approved if I complied with its dispute return policy – pay for the return, which makes absolutely no sense. If the seller sends a defective product, why is the customer’s responsible for paying to have it returned? Furthermore, PayPal required return by a trackable method. I was given an address in Malaysia for the return. Certainly a company that is so shadey isn’t going to acknowledge receipt. One would need proof of delivery. So, I checked all the options, USPS International Priority was the lowest rate: $25.00. Priority Services generally provides tracking information. But, after filling out all the paperwork and handing over the money, I asked the clerk for the tracking number. She said that there is no tracking for priority services to Malaysia like there would be for most other companies. It would cost $22.00 more to send it registered – $47.00. Just another reason that this company is operating out of Malaysia. I called PayPal and advised them of this fact because their policy is helping this company defraud customers. USPS was $47.00 for a trackable shipment, $89.50 for a competitor, $112 for another competitor to ship and track. Yet, PayPal insists that despite the fact that the item was sent in error (a generous description) the customer is required to pay. knows this, so it can send anything, knowing that the customer won’t pay to have it returned since it will cost a private individual between 50% to in excess of the amount paid for the item in order to return it – AND PAYPAL’S POLICY MAKES IT ALL POSSIBLE. ETrading and is a scam. The class is half over at this point and I can’t buy another book unless I get this refund, which isn’t coming because the company is being protected by PayPal. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING ANTHING FROM THESE COMPANIES. And, PayPal deserves a black eye. A customer orders a pair of shoes and the seller sends and umbrella, yet it requires the customer to pay to have it returned with no reimbursement. Thinking of closing my PayPal Account and just use prepaid debit cards instead – that way no one gets a credit card number WHICH they can take and commit fraud. There is no identity attached to the card, only the transaction and the value can be limited to one’s immediate needs. By-by PayPal! That is what you get for facilitating seller fraud. .

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