Printerpix of Lake Mary FL GASTONIA North Carolina Review


I purchased three Printerpix items and two did not show and 1 arrived severely damaged. When I called the toll-free number I was connected to someone not in the US. When I asked to speak to someone in the US, I was told that was NOT possible. I was told regarding the lost items I needed to do the legwork myself to locate the missing shipments through the USPS, mind you they were not sent via USPS. So, the USPS will not take claim. The item that was damaged I sent the photographs of the damaged items including bent photos and the photo arrived in the wrong size u2013 it shouldu2019ve been 11X14 just like my Groupon stated (which the person on the phone confirmed) but for some reason I was sent 10×7. I paid three individual shipping costs because there is not a single shipping rate for three items and I had prepaid vouchers for my items. I just want the items I paid for. 2 10×7 pics and 1 11×14 pic!

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By Ronald

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