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Complaint: In November of 2011, I was leasing a beautiful red 2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe. I loved this car, but for one reason or another leasing was not for me, so I began advertising the car for sale on various web sites such as, and Shoftly after listing, George Beaumanis and Dennis Kane contacted me about my leased car for sale. I agree to speak to them, and we come to the terms that in order for them to take the car off my hands, they will pay the car off, if I provide a small gap fee to cover their costs and what I am assuming, their scam profit. We make the deal, and I sign over a check to what I had assumed was a legitimate transaction bound by contract, in the amount of $3500+. They (supposedly) drove all the way from New York in someone elses scammed car, stopping at Baltimore to pick up my car, and drove both all the way back to Houston. In some type of consignment, ponzi scam, they listed my car on Ebay, and numerous other auto for sale web sites without actually paying off my car. After months of generosity on my part, I gave them one final chance to pay off the car or I will report it stolen. Check #3 sent to Nissan/Infiniti bounces. I get the police involved, and they recover the car and some 10+ other vehicles in these scam artists fake dealership. Land Rovers, Mercedes, BMWs, Infinitis, and more luxury cars alike. As a result, I have been forced to pay upwards of $10,000 in recovery fees and damages, in addition to ruining my credit. Please do not deal with these men, or Primus Northwest for that matter. You have been warned.

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Address: 10060 West Rd, #103, HOUSTON, TX 77064 Houston, Texas USA



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