PrimeStar Solar Portage Indiana


Complaint: I received a letter in the mail in response to my interest in Mystery Shopping. When I read the letter they sent me it looked SO real! But something didn’t feel right when I looked in the envelope and saw a check for $3,950. They tell you to keep $410 and spend a $100 at a walmart or Target and so forth and then they want u to send the remaining money to a woman in Georgia! After u have done this there is a back side where you answer questions about the things you did! SEEMED SO REAL and the Check was PERFECT! NOTHING WRONG! Well the company is in Colorado but the person you can call, either a David Anderson or Julie Philips is in Canada and then the fax u send your report to goes to Georgia and so does the money! I don’t think PrimeStar Solar knows of this! I can’t say if there isn’t someone on the inside giving them checks cause these checks were UNDOUBTEDLY REAL! WATCH OUT FOR THIS!!!!!

Tags: Sales People

Address: 14401 W. 65th Way Unit B Arvada, Colorado United States of America


Phone: 514-581-3954

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By Ronald

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