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PriceLine does have a nice product called Name Your Own Price’ which, as described on FAQ has restrictions on the fare do not permit changes to the itinerary. This particular trap I’d like to post is called Flight + Car for less than the price of a Flight’ that supposed to allow you to Fly anytime between 6am and 10pm. and get a Standard car from Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz, or National. nWhat I found out was that I was NOT allowed to choose any flight time at all. I thought time restriction is only applied to Name Your Own Price’, again, according to its FAQ. Later, I was forced to cancel to first reservation, pay $30 penalty which is not accepted by my company’s accountants, and more than $150 above the list price THEY list on web site, not named by me’. nWell, this is NOT the end of story yet. I called back and tried to claim part of my penalties after 2nd reservation. Guess what? It took me about 30 minutes to find out it was illegal! Because I book to outbound flight exact the same as 1st reservation. nOK, they’ve advised me that the so-called penalty will be waived in next 48 hours. I have my finger crossed. Although I still pay more than $100 than they announce on web site I feel my life saved. Why? As I told them that they better off have a medical consulting team around. I have health problem and the whole deal took more than 5 hours. I wonder if I need some health support when I go to book a ticket through PriceLine. nI have requested customer service crew to ensure our conversation was recorded. Next action I’ll take spread this story among my colleagues, friends and forward to agencies like BBB and FCC nQuoted from PriceLine web site: nContact Us: nCan I change my flight times? nThere are two ways to purchase airline tickets with priceline. You can purchase a ticket at a listed price and select the airline and flight times that best meets your needs, or you can Name Your Own Price and save even more on your airline tickets. Rules and restrictions will vary depending upon how you purchase your ticket.nIf you purchased a Name Your Own Price ticket, restrictions on the fare do not permit changes to the itinerary. The deep discounts available with Name Your Own Price fares are possible because the reservations come with restrictions, namely they are non-refundable, non-changeable and not cancellable. These fare rules are displayed on the contract page, prior to purchase, for all Name Your Own Price reservations.nIf you purchased tickets from the list of disclosed flight times, airlines and prices, your ability to receive a refund will be based entirely upon the airline fare rules and restrictions. In addition, any allowed changes may incur exchange or cancellation fees from the airline and/or priceline. Please review our cancellation policy policy for more details. nThe “Deal’ hooked me: n$344nPer Personn$344 Total nCHOOSEnPACKAGEntFlight + Car for less than the price of a Flight nSave more when you let us choose your flight and package it with a name brand rental car. Upgrade to any car type you want. nChicago

IL (ORD) ? Tulsa

OK (TUL) nFly anytime between 6am and 10pm.nStandard car from Avis



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