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I have been a Priceline customer for over a decade and have generally been satisfied when i have booked a hotel through their name your own price. Recently, I checked for a 3.5 star hotel in the location I was staying (Oklahoma City) and submitted my information. They accepted my offer, but I was frankly more than surprised to see the hotel listed as a 3.5 star hotel in the OKC area. The hotel has a Crowne Plaza flag which sometimes can mean good hotels, but in this case it does not. The building is an old Hilton that was built in the 1960s. In the late 2000s, the flag was changed to a Crowne Plaza, they moved the front desk, gave it a minor facelift and called it good. I stayed there a couple of times after the renovation, but became disgusted because of the lack of upkeep of the property. I would not rank this particular Crowne Plaza much above a budget hotel. I called priceline to express my discontent, and was given the standard company line. There rankings are based on people feedback gathered over the years and they are confident I will enjoy my stay. When I explained to them how familiar i was with the property and that I felt that it was being mis respresented by priceline as a 3.5 star property, they of course stated there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak to supervisors and got the same company line. I am certain I know the property better than them at this point. I understand that I took a risk, but I also put faith that priceline accurately maintains their rankings of properties to ensure the categories maintain there integrity. Of course, they were not able to say when the last time a priceline reprsenetative inspective the property. They directed me to write a letter to corporate (which I found as just another barrier to reaching someone who could address the situation-I am certain it is raret hat someone takes the time to write out a letter and send through snail mail.) I managed to find a phoen number in an article from the Santa Barbara Newspaper that provide more information than priceline agents could give me. While I did enter an agreement with priceline once I confirmed the hidden purchase, I believe that priceline has a responibility to accurately rank the properties so that a customer is not surprised by a sub par property being ranked in the same category as two beautiful well maintained Marriott Hotel properties with the same locale in the city.

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