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Once my price was accepted at a hotel in Portland Oregon, I called them to request (2) double beds. They told me that there would be an additional charge of $25 per night and a 12% tax added to my bill. I called Priceline to complain about what had just occured and the gentleman placed me on hold to verify what I was telling him. Within 5 minutes he was back on the line and informed me that it was indeed true and that was the hotel’s policy and nothing could be done about it. He asked me if I read the policies of Priceline and said that I had one of two choices. The first being to pay the extra monies for the two double beds or cancel my reservation and still be charged becuase Priceline does not issue refunds due to their no cancellation policy. He stated to me that the rooms accomodate (2) adults. I have no plans on sharing a bed with my grandmother, grandfather, brother, or mother-in-law. Nowhere in their policy does it state that if you request a certain bed that your price may go up. I alerted my credit card company and putting these charges into dispute for fraud and misleading information. I e-mailed customer service from Priceline and they responded to be by stating that “We are truly unable to assist you further in this matter””. “”Please do not expect a response to further correspondence on this issue””. nThe people at Priceline are extremely rude and have no morals. I find it funny that once I checked their website to see if I could purchase a room at The Benson Hotel A Coast Hotel using their “”fee chop”” option

out of the 137 hotels I printed this hotel was not even listed. Beware

if you need or want double beds to have a good nights sleep

you may be charged extra. Priceline should be ashamed of themselves. I am not giving up and am working with my credit card company to get out of this hotel. nChristinanCanoga Park


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