Prestigia New York New York Review


This is my first, and will be my last, time booking with …. ever. nI am a frequent international traveller, I deal continually with international currencies and exchange rate shifts during the course of my professional life. I booked a one-week stay in a Budapest Hotel through Prestigia, was quoted a price in American Dollars, and then magically when BOTH my deposit to Prestigia AND my hotel charges were deducted from my account prior to my arrival, the amounts deducted were GROSSLY, DISGUSTINGLY and ABSURDLY out of line with what I was quoted as the total price for my 1 week stay. I could have easily booked on a different website for a better price, given what Prestigia’s “Final Price”” ending up really being

as opposed to what they “”Advertised”” it as being … this is truly unequivocal fraudulent activity

I don’t know how these people are still in business … nCurrencies indeed do shift

we all understand this

but a single-day shift of $55 from when the reservation is made to when the funds are deducted is grossly ridiculous

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By Ronald

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