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In January 2016, I applied for a business loan of about $52,000. I had previously worked with this company about 4 years ago and everything went smooth. I successfully received my checks in the amount of $14,000 and I was charged a fee of 5.9% out of the total checks received. I paid my invoice and everything went well so I was happy with them. Normally they charge balance transfer fees of 3% to 4% with no interest rates for 12 months or 18 months. I thought the same process will be repeated. | Presta funding issued 6 credit cards for me this time in the amount of $52,000 with balance transfer checks on some of them. I never used any of the credit cards because I was waiting for the checks to cash in so that I can I take advantage of the 0% interest rate for 12 months. I received the first check in March in the amount of $6,200, issued in February of this year, meanwhile, I had a call from the credit card company stating I had been delinquent on my account because I haven’t been making payments even though I hadn’t cashed out the check. I later checked my statement and realized Presta Funding had cashed out $4711.01 using their own company’s name without informing me. I was showing a balance of $11,000 including the $6200 they had sent out to me. The check is still with me and it hasn’t been cashed yet. I want to show it as evidence. My credit went into delinquent mode because I didn’t know I owed money to the credit card company because Presta Funding never informed they have stolen money from my account. They are thieves and liars. | Right now, I’m left to make monthly payments on the credit card even though I never used any of the funds. This company is a fraud, No one should use their services to apply for any type of loan.


  • Name: Presta Funding Group Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Henderson
  • Address: 12231 S Eastern Ave #130
  • Phone: 702-570-9507
  • Website:

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