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My husband received a call at work from a guy who identified himself as Jeff from Premium Financial ….hard to catch the company name because he says it quickly and unclear. We had applied for a couple loans online with Easy Financial, Cashco and Canada Drives. I don’t know if that’s how he got out info or not.My husband called me and said if we gave Jeff 1350 via etransfer, he would deposit 20000 within the hour.We were desperate to pay off overdue bills and cover cheques on another account. So we didn’t think of it being a scam.I tried to email the funds to Hannah Miller with the email *********************. security question was "my favorite town" answer was "alberta".RBC froze the transaction and restricted my account. I called to ask Jeff if there was a problem with his email. He said oh sorry this happens when you use a phone sometimes. He said call the bank and cancel the transfer, then call him back and he would give me a different address or direct deposit account to send him the money. He also told my not to answer any questions from the bank. I felt a wave of stupidity run through my head. It’s unfortunate that life is so dependent on money. Desperation leads to predators targeting you.I called the bank and they wouldn’t tell me anything and said I had to go into bank in person to determine what the next step is.I wrote to the manager explaining the mess and will not be calling Jeff back.I won’t return to RBC because this isn’t my fault and they treat the customer like they are part of the scheme, no response or information. I can’t drop everything and run to back and cannot reach anyone at the bank who will speak on the phone.

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