Forwarding Agent-got an email around december 21st stating they found my resume on careerbuilder which in fact I do have a resume and account on careerbuilder. This email offered employment as a forwarding agent and I would be paid 2500.00 and would be a W4 employee and would recieve track and ship packages for people who do a lot of business through ebay etc. I accepted offer of employment but not after I extensively researched this company sent emails to ohio attorney generals of and dept of labor among others, i checked the bbb and could not find one bad word against this company…thirty days later it was time to collect my pay and all of the sudden i am no longer able to log in to my dashboard at I am scared now that my identity is at risk of being stolen I feel violated and stupid and like i should have known better…these guys are good. Today when I checked the bbb website regarding this company there is a flagged alert from Jan. 26, 2016 alleging the same thing I am. Help I dont know what to do>>>I have kept every single document, pictures, invoices and correspondence. I had the foresight to take pictures of my dashboard on this website in case I did not recieve my pay. I felt something wasnt right yesterday because all of the sudden I stopped having packages on my dashboard yesterday i became suspicious and wanted to be able to prove that there was a dashboard so took pictures of it and next morning (today) at 8 am my login credentials were invalid and i am out pay

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By Ronald

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