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I bought a timeshare in 2004 (actually I was pressured into buying it but that’s another complaint!) I have been trying to get rid of it ever since. I received a call from Nathan Christian around 8/26/09. He asked if I was still interested in selling my timeshare . I said yes and he launched into the sale, telling me that there was a family that was interested in my timeshare, they put money down, and that Premier Timeshare Solutions would handle everything. The family offered $13,988.54 and wanted to buy my 3 weeks that were banked at $1700/week ($5100) so the total I would be getting was $20,525.54 (doesn’t add up!! Should be $19,098.54). Premier Timeshare Solutions had been marketing my timeshare for free and they were going to set up everything but in order to do that they’d need 10% of the sale (by my calculations that would be $1909.85 or $2052.55 if you use their total) but he said $2825.54. When I asked him about the difference, he skipped over it like I had never asked. At this point red flags were going up all over. He said that he’d FedEx the contract out to me, they’d set everything up and that it would take 90 days to process the sale, he just needed a credit card. He gave me his “direct”” number (561) 329-8811 (which was never answered and I never heard back from him) and the customer service number 1-877-470-4779 (which is NEVER answered and the mail box is ALWAYS full). I had to ask him repeatedly to tell me the name of his company and to slow down so I could get all the info. He started to get really impatient with me when I kept asking him to repeat things. I mentioned that I had been scammed before. He said that he understood my skepticism and they could get my money back from the other companies. Stupidly I gave him my credit card number

got the paperwork in the mail

signed it and sent it back but for some reason


it was never charged. I decided to post my experience with this and other companies so others don’t get ripped off. Good luck!!”

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By Ronald

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