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January 2015 I listed my home with Premier Plus Realty. John Solakian was the agent that was referred to me. Keith Teague was the Broker for John. I listed my home with a tenant that currently was renting month to month with me and was informed of the sale of the home and had no issues at the time. John Solakian made the appointment to take photos of the property. I never to this day have even seen the listing or the photos. Mr. Solakian wanted to setup appointments to show the home and while trying to do that my tenants had found an additional agreement that I didnu2019t know held any legal ground. Needless to say the agreement was a lease extensions until June of 2018. The tenants refused access to the home and the listing was removed from MLS immediately. Mr. Solakian informed me of what happened and I immediately tried to remedy the situation. I hired counsel and Mr. Solakian referred to me a friend of his that is a real estate attorney. We started working on finding out a way to settle with the tenants to continue to sell the home as planned. After thousands of dollars in legal work the tenants have made it impossible to move forward with any settlement. I had originally listed the property around $270K and even had thoughts of raising it to $300K and make a great deal that would be positive to everyone. We tried everything but because of the tenants nothing came about. I looked into other avenues. I had found a company that would purchase my home at wholesale price $45K less than the original listing price. The only drawback is that they will not work with an agent. I sent a copy of the offer and requests to Mr. Solakian for help and advice on this. Immediately his tone changed and he started reminding me on how the agreement we have is EXCLUSIVE and no one else can interfere with the sale of the property. I understand and respect the agreement however there are a few things. The listing agreement is from January to July and the only thing done was taking pictures and entered into MLS for maybe a DAY! The home has never been shown or an offer on it. No plans to market it u201cTenant Occupied u201chave ever been made. The property stood still with no possibility to sell it. I found an alternative route that loses lots of money of the price but will take over the tenants with the purchase of the home. I asked Premier Plus Realty what can be done to terminate the listing agreement and they first said nothing. I stated my case to the head broker David Gallus and explained the situation. I offered to pay $1000 for the small amount of time they invested in listing the property and I believe that was generous. I get a call from the Head Broker David Gallus today saying u201cwell I went to BAT for you but Keith and John came up with their own deal and want $4000 to terminate the listing.” I was shocked that they had the nerve to ask for more money. There is only a matter of a couple hours of time invested in actual work here. $1000 should be more than enough. Mr. Gallus informed me that I can pay $4000 and terminate the listing

or I can wait it out till July and hope the company interested in my property is still willing to make an offer. I am now waiting to have another option or for the listing timer to run out.”

370 12th AVE SOUTH Naples, Florida USA

(239) 732-7837

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