Premier Financial Alliance Review


This is a pyramid scam, If you go to their main website, they don’t even tell you what their product is, they say they have some trusted partners which are the real insurance company. The insurance thing is just a piece of candy luring uninformed people in to join them. They are scamming people in 3 ways. 1st Their main goal is to get you to pay $135 entrance fee, then 2nd you have to go out and try to get more people to join and they too have to pay $135 entrance fee. Finally 3rd, you are working for free trying to sell insurance, only a small amount of your sale commission go to you while a large portion goes to the top people. While a real insurance company, the sale person gets all the commission plus what ever the salary. If you want to get insurance, you can just go straight to the real insurance companies. If you have to pay to work for a company, that in itself is a scam.


  • Name: Premier Financial Alliance
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Rockville
  • Address: 650 Hungerford Dr #201
  • Phone: 301-684-8288
  • Website:

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