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I was emailed by Steven Belton staing one of their HR Managers had reviewed my resume while on Career Builder and wanted to extend an offer for a position with their company. I replied advising I was interested in more information about the position and what my tasks would consist of. I provided a contact number and recieved a reply that a Manager would contact me with details.I received a call from a man stating his name was John Graham. He proceded to tell me that my title would be "Forwarding Agent" and my tasks would include shipping and receiving goods purchased online through Premier Courier, Inc. I was to open the packages upon receipt, take a photo and upload the photos into the dashboard ( the photos were uploaded, I received shipping labels to download and shipping receipt to upload via photo upload from my camera into their web site. I was to receive $2500/month. I agreed. I completed an application, send a photo copy of my ID and waited. Once approved I was advised I would receive my first package within 1-3 business days.I sent every package, approximately 1-2 per day starting in late Dec. But of course as you probably guessed it’s late Jan, and the day I’m supposed to be paid but no monies received. I shipped and received packages for 30 days with no compensation. Please BEWARE!!! No one will answer my calls or emails all of a sudden. I am now also locked out of the dashboard.

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By Ronald

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