Precision Transmission & Auto Repair Review


On February 25 car needed transmission repaired found shop was qouted $1349 before vehicle was picked up. After vehicle was there was told transmission would cost $2350. I told the repair shopI could not afford that price was told they could help me get financing for balance so I gave them a $550 deposit. It fell through tried to get car back again, wouldn’t give it back they continued for three weeks to get financing. Reported company to BBB finally on March 15 was contacted. I asked to get my vehicle back again was told I could opnly have if I paid them an addtional $400 dollars makin gthe total to get my car back without any repairs to $950.00. I do not have $950.00 to just give away to this company so I feel have no other choice but to let them make the repairs or loose $950.00 dollars. As I speak to these people they contnuosly are telling me they are helping by charging me that price. I am a teacher and a single mom who can not just give that kind of money away. What I just can’t understand is why I could not have my car back and how they can qoute one price, get your vehicle then jack the price up $1000. Here it is March 20 and I still do not have my vehicle. I think I should only have to pay the initial price of $1349 and someone needs to look into the business practices of this company.


  • Name: Precision Transmission & Auto Repair
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Woodbridge
  • Address: 744 Rahway Ave
  • Phone: (732) 582-6839
  • Website:

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