Precision Induction Cooktop Pontiac Illinois Review


i ordered precision induction cookware the last of June. in july i received a partial shipment. the tracking shows the delivery complete. i have called numerous times to this company and left a message on their answering machine and the message says they will get back to me in 48 hours. Nothing so far.n i have tried several times through the internet, but cannot find a place to contact them. the invoice sent with the shipment shows 3 items back ordered. I still have not received them, but have been billed $194.62 on my credit card. I could return the package I have, but I am afraid that they consider the shipment complete and I don’t know how to prove that I did not receive the merchandise. i am going to write a letter and atttach a copy of the invoice asking why i cannot receive my order in full.

1755 N. Butterfield Road Libertyville, Illinois United States of America

855 742-2665


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By Ronald

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