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Complaint: I bought a kitten from Precious Mackey (Precious Kittens) from Vero Beach Flordia. He arrived with ringworm lesions, an upper respiratory infection and ear mites. I assumed at the time that the upper respiratory infection was caused by the stress of the move. I found him on a nicely done website that advertised as being PKD negative and free of external parasites. This turned out to be false advertising. I was unaware of what ringworm was at the time and did not realize that my children and myself could catch it. I did not realize the amount of time and money that was going to have to be spent to prevent my family from getting the ringworm this kitten was sent to me with. Not only would I battle ringworm, but ear mites, as well! This took a good 4 weeks to clear up! The poor kitten would scream and cry when my vet cleaned his ears and he would have blood coming out of his ears at the end of the first couple of visits! So heartbreaking to watch! After getting these issues both cleared up I thought we finally got the kitten we had paid for. Boy, was I wrong! Shortly after the kittens first birthday, he started getting sick. I spent even more money on vet visits, medicine and different types of food. He would do okay and get sick again. The third time he was very sick and I was referred to a specialist. Yesterday, the vet specialist did a lot of testing and found out my cat had FIP, which is fatal. I had to put him to sleep since there is no cure. My young children and I were heartbroken, to say the least. I had tried contacting the breeder multiple times after receiving my kitten to confront her about the sickness, ear mites and ringworm lesions only to be ignored and never replied to. After leaving a complaint she decided to address my complaint saying it was all untrue and she never sold a kitten to me. Save your heart and your money and stay away from this lady who has no heart! BUYER BEWARE!preciouskittens . com

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Address: Post Office Box 690524 Vero Beach, Florida United States


Phone: (772)460-1795

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