Prater & Sons Concrete Review


Do NOT use this company. They put a driveway in next door and after a few issues, the biggest of all is that the new driveway has a MAJOR drain flaw. | When it rains the water that hits the left side drains down by the neighbor’s garage. HOWEVER, the water that hits the other side… drains into our yard and lands at our back basement door. NOT good. Mr. Prater told us we needed to dig a gutter? WHAT???? So we can have a hazard in the yard that turns into a mud pit and becomes a tree, leaf and branch collector. Really WE need to dig the gutter? Wasn’t our job it was yours. | Hire a design person that has a clue and these things won’t happen. Terrible…. Glad I took pictures as it sounds like the damage you are creating Mr. Prater will need to be settled outside of our yard. | Please do NOT hire these people | **Six weeks after filing with the BBB Mr. Prater has taken NO action to assist in fixing his mess. Rafael Sanchez at Channel 6 to expose Bad Contractors is looking like our next step as well as the court system.


  • Name: Prater & Sons Concrete
  • Country: United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Cicero
  • Address:
  • Phone: 317-984-5501
  • Website:

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