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Always brought Prada sunglasses but brought my son a pairs And they are now unable for him to wear due to the Prada sign on side peeling off he cant and won”t wear them no-more as was actually bullied by people saying they are fake which caused him a lot of distress. They were my sons birthday presents and his first designer item he”d had and loved them, he was and still is so upset. I”d understand if the item was counterfeit but they are genuine and are not cheap they was purchased from the sun glasses hut. Unfortunately I will be thinking twice again purchasing another pair of Prada glasses which is a shame as was my husbands best designer. I would never of expected that to happen with goods that are meant to be of a excellent quality. The glasses were worn literally about 5, 6 times at the most. I also have another pair that the arm snapped off on so another pair unable to wear! I have attached picture of them both, but would be more than happy to send them back to Prada for them to take a look at them. I look forward to Hearing from you soon Kind regards Kelly Mills

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