Powersellshop Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec, CANADA Dist of Columbia


Complaint: Started talking with this guy Leigh Marnley via Skype on 2/9/2015. Powersellershop convinced me to Western Union 966.71 pounds sterling (that is about 1500 US dollars, or about 1900 Canadian dollars) to them on on 2/12/2015. Well, after I sent them the money they did not give me anything, no Ebay account and no refund. Since then has been one excuse after another the guy keeps saying he has this problem or that problem says he broke up with his wife and he’s going to the Caribbean WHATEVER he still has my money AND NO REFUND! Just lies and promises. DO NOT EVER give powersellershop ANY money! They will RIP YOU OFF like they ripped me off. Plus he is very shady and I don’t think the guy even owns the accounts he is claiming to sell he probably hijacks the accounts. Anyway the point is that this guy still has my money and has given me no account and no refund. BEWARE! Plus he told me that he works with another website that has a good reputation to try and trick me into sending the money faster. I got tricked now don’t get tricked STAY AWAY FROM SCAMMER POWERSELLERSHOP!

Tags: E-trade

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.powersellershop.com/

Phone: 0447583 981184

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By Ronald

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